Scar Tissue And Pain

Introduction Scar tissue can sometimes be associated with pain, although not everyone with scar tissue experiences discomfort. Changes in appearance can negatively affect body image and self-esteem. Scar disfigurement can cause depression and anxiety in patients, especially those who have suffered burns. Development Of Scar Tissue After an injury, scar tissue forms as part of […]

Foods And Drinks To Avoid With Bladder And Bowel Incontinence

Introduction Suppose you have constipation or accidental leakage (incontinence) of stool or urine. In that case, dietary modifications may improve the symptoms linked to constipation and incontinence of stool or urine. Keeping a food diary helps identify what foods or drinks may cause these problems. Record the time of what you eat and drink. In […]

Home Health Expectations Vs. Reality

Introduction Managing expectations for patients and their caregivers who are being transferred from one care setting to another can be difficult to navigate related to wound care.  Wound care standards are in place to provide safety and promote healing through the transition process.  As the patient transitions from the site of care to home, there […]

Fistula Management Care Tips

Introduction A fistula is an abnormal opening between two hollow organs or between a hollow organ and the skin. Complex medical problems are predisposing factors for fistula formation, such as impaired healing ability after surgery, breakdown of intestinal anastomosis, infection, and Crohn’s disease. In addition, there are challenges associated with fistula management. The fistulas are […]

Warfare Between Denial And Consciousness In Wound Healing Trauma

Trauma is the stripping away of a sense of safety and empowerment of the patient’s wellbeing. Trauma has a way of haunting us and being violent towards our psychological and emotional beings. Furthermore, the long-lasting effects go into days, weeks, months, and years of conditioning minds to think, feel, see it from a distorted view […]

Caring For Your Ostomy At Home

Introduction Ostomy surgery dramatically affects one’s quality of life. You are faced with adjusting to living with a stoma. There is psychological and social adaptation. The first month after surgery is a significant transition period to improve quality of life. Participating in self-care of the stoma, determining any difficulties, and finding solutions accelerate adapting to […]

Emotional Instability Is The Kiss Of Death, Not the Wound Dressing

Many times, when we think about wound healing, wound dressings pop into our minds. We focus on the techniques which will be effective in starting the healing process. We discussed and asked questions, such as keeping the wounds dry? How can we reduce the wound dressing changes? Which wound dressings and topical creams work best […]

Pain Management & Anxiety in Wound Patients

Introduction Pain Management and anxiety intermingled in the minds of patients suffering from failed-to-heal wounds. The legendary saying is, “out of sight and out of mind.” Relating to the accuracy of the statement based on healthy, unwounded people in the world. However, in the special populations: of wound care clinics, nursing homes, and hospital facilities, […]