High-voltage Electrical Burn Left Palm Hand

Dr. N. Nachimuthu, M.S., Selvam Watts, Thomas Williams
Sree Kumaran Hospital in Oddanchatram, Tamil Nadu, India

Patient: On August 16, 2023, a 54-year-old male was doing some electrical repair at his home when he sustained a high-voltage electrical burn This patient was admitted to the hospital with gangrene of the right upper limb and 2nd degree deep dermal burn wounds to the left hand, thumb, F1, F4, F5 tendon, and bones exposed. Burn injury to the (L) groin, lower abdominal (L) side up to the scrotum, genitalia, and mid-thigh. Amputation of the right upper limb and the left thumb was performed. 

Treatment: September 6, 2023:  Image of Left palm 2nd degree deep dermal burn 4cm x 5cm x 1.5cm started collagen dressing. 2 weeks after starting type 1 bovine native collagen.2.5cm x 3cm x 0cm. The patient reported less pain. Healed in 14 weeks with minimal scarring noted. 

Weeks: 16

Result:  HEALED