i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder

i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder

The high concentration of native or non-hydrolyzed collagen in i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder preserves a protein structure comparable to that of human collagen, allowing for stronger scaffolding throughout all stages of wound healing. Native collagen found in  i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder is in its bioactive form.  The collagen molecule is intact, and has not been modified or denatured during the manufacturing process.  i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder stimulates tissue regeneration and promotes the wound to close.

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i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder


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  • Collagen in its purest form
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Delivers collagen throughout wound healing
  • Compatible with other dressings
  • 5 year shelf life


For the management of various wound types including:

  • Shallow and Deep Wounds
  • First and Second-Degree Burns, Donor Sites
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Venous Ulcers
  • Acute Wounds, Chronic Wounds, Dehisced Wounds, Surgical Wounds, Trauma Wounds

Instructions for Use

  1. Cleanse the wound with normal saline or a non-cytotoxic wound cleanser.
  2. Apply the i-Coll® Bioactive Collagen Powder to the entire wound, including any undermining and/or tunneling.
  3. Cover the wound with a secondary absorbent dressing.
  4. Change dressing everyday or every other day.  The frequency will depend on the severity of the wound.


HCPCS Code – A6010
Size – 1 gram vials, 5 vials in each box

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